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General Terms and Conditions


Les Rousses, 01/01/2016


La Boite A Montagne offers services supervised by independent qualified instructors in climbing, caving, via ferrata, canyoning, hiking, mountain biking, scootering, Nordic skiing, telemark and snowshoe hiking.

These general conditions of sale are concluded between:

  • on the one hand, natural or legal persons wishing to reserve a service via the Boite A Montagne website or through the office located in Les Rousses, hereinafter referred to as “the customer”.

  • And, on the other hand, the Boite A Montagne made up of two local professional unions: SL BMJ for SUMMER activities and SL ESI for WINTER activities.

The Mountain Box
Head Office & Desk
411 r Pasteur
39220 Les Rousses

SIREN: SL ESI 500206719 /SL BMJ 500206438
APE code (valid for both unions): 9420z


These general conditions of sale aim to define the terms of reservation and participation in services between La Boite A Montagne and the customer.
They apply to all reservations for services offered on the site, whether the order was placed by telephone, by fax, by post, by e-mail or directly by the Boite A Montagne website (online sales). They also apply when validating quotes. All services must be reserved.
All reservations on the site necessarily imply the customer's knowledge of these general conditions of sale, prior to ordering, and acceptance of their entirety. content by the customer.

Acceptance of these general conditions of sale takes effect upon validation of the reservation of services or acceptance of the quote by the customer. Consequently, the customer acknowledges being fully informed of the fact that his agreement concerning the content of these general conditions does not require the handwritten signature of this document, to the extent that the customer wishes to reserve online services presented on the Boite website. A Montagne The applicable general conditions of sale are those in force on the day the order or quote is validated by the customer.
La Boîte a montagne reserves the right to modify the general conditions of sale at any time and without notice, the modifications then being applicable to all orders subsequent to this modification.


The customer can make their reservation on the Internet via the site The data communicated by the customer and recorded by La Boite A Montagne during the reservation constitute proof of the transactions between La Boite A Montagne and the customer. The validation click after completing the reservation form constitutes confirmation of the customer's reservation, and constitutes an electronic signature with the same value as a handwritten signature. It will constitute irrevocable acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale.

  • In the case of a reservation by email, mail or telephone, the reservation of the service will only be taken into account after receipt by Boite A Montagne of a deposit of a minimum of 30% of the order or the balance of the service. This deposit will only be collected after the customer has completed the service. An invoice will then be issued.

  • In the case of an order placed online by the customer (distance selling), a payment confirmation email will be sent to the customer with the order number. La Boite A Montagne reserves the right to refuse a reservation or to honor a service in cases where the customer has not paid in full or in part for a previous order, or in the event that a payment dispute remains.

The computerized records, kept in the computer systems of Boite A Montagne under reasonable security conditions, will be considered as proof of communications, orders and payments made between the customer and Boite A Montagne. The archiving of purchase orders or reservations and invoices is carried out on a reliable and durable medium that can be produced as proof.


3/1 Conditions precedent to participation in the service

The customer must inquire about the level of physical and sporting difficulty of the service they wish to book. This information is available on the website or in the catalog at the Boite A Montagne office. If in doubt, a phone call to the Boite A Montagne office may be wise. A minimum physical condition is required to participate in the activities.
Depending on the services, certain prerequisites are necessary. These are defined in the “activity” pages of the site or in the catalog available at the Boite A Montagne office. In particular, for canyoning and aquatic hiking activities, it is imperative to know how to swim 25m and be able to submerge. You must also not have a medical contraindication to practicing the chosen activity.

3/2 Insurance and liability

Each instructor is insured under Professional Civil Liability for their own activities and for costs incurred by a possible rescue operation. We strongly advise each participant to be covered by civil liability insurance and/or individual accident insurance with the insurance of their choice for practicing mountain sports. Please note that some of our activities take place in Switzerland. Check with your insurance about your coverage in this territory (outside the European Union).

La Boite A Montagne is insured for civil liability for all the activities it offers and cannot be held liable for activities booked with other providers.

The practice of outdoor activities takes place in a specific environment called “at risk”. Each participant is aware, given the specific nature of the activities proposed, that they may run certain risks due in particular to the hazards and unpredictability of the mountain environment. He assumes them with full knowledge of the facts and must comply with the rules of caution and follow the advice given by professionals.

In the event of damage to the equipment loaned, the participant/customer may be asked for compensation related to wear and tear or a full refund of the equipment.

3/3 Cancellation of the service

  • If the cancellation is due to the customer: the reimbursement will be linked to the proximity of the date of the service to the cancellation. If this request occurs no earlier than 7 days before the service, the deposit will be collected. If this request occurs less than 2 days before the service, the balance will be required.

  • If the cancellation is due to Boite A Montagne: the service will be fully refunded without any compensatory compensation.
    Several cases can explain a cancellation or modification of the service offered by Boite A Montagne:

    • weather conditions

    • the level of technical and physical participants does not ensure safety during the service

    • The impossibility for the instructor to supervise the service (illness, accident, etc.)

    • Insufficient number of people registered for the service. This minimum number is defined in the “activities” pages of the site or in the catalog of activities available at the Boite A Montagne office.
      In these specific cases, Boite A Montagne will make every effort to propose either an adjustment of the service (change of place of activity, change of activity, postponement of date, etc.)


The prices are those that the customer finds on the website or those displayed at the Boite A Montagne office on the date of the reservation.
La Boite A Montagne reserves the right to modify these prices during the season.
La Boite A Montagne accepts the following payment methods: credit card, bank transfer, bank check, ANCV holiday check, sports coupon, cash.
Only payment by one of the following bank cards will be accepted: CB, Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard. The card is debited at the time of confirmation of the reservation of the service.
La Boite A Montagne implements all necessary means to ensure the security and confidentiality of data transmitted on the site (including online payment). For this purpose, this site uses a remote payment system and data encryption in SSL (Secure Socket Layer) mode which therefore never passes unencrypted over the network. In addition, the transaction is carried out via the e-transaction banking platform of the Banque Populaire de Franche Comté which alone has the confidential information (card number, validity date) provided by the customer at the time of payment.


In the event of failure to pay the balance, La Boite A Montagne reserves the right to take legal action. Any attempt to fraudulently use a means of payment will also be subject to legal action. These General Conditions of Sale will be executed and interpreted in accordance with French law. In the event of a dispute, the parties will seek an amicable agreement.
If this is not possible, exclusive jurisdiction is attributed to the courts within the jurisdiction of the head office of Boite A Montagne in BESANÇON.

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